The moonlight lover

Eternal existence, this words exactly if in, where is it? The world whether there’s a place called the sea of month, where water is all the tears every day, every night someone had been there tears, is tired lay there, murkily don’t want to wake up, the hope is that the end his life. Perhaps in earthly things he really does not have what good could…
You don’t know, in his sleep, is a day in a year in the memory. When you DongChe the darkness, you still find, the sweetheart in already not. You sound of hysteria, you fear to lose. Eventually you or just being in the dream, the dream of the great ground prosperous, and you don’t want to break the others dream, do you henceforth no longer even willing to leave, and the cold moon alone in step, the pace of the firm, came to a piece of the unknown, you have no desire to know this place, in your opinion it is just you continue the habitat of love, hope you can take you go north star or, at least, to put your new away, let you can stand on the top down the breath of the lover sends out.
Always back in yesterday’s not give away in smooth shadow. Maybe you have a paradise, you have been in the know, who know each other to love each other. Witness the mountains and rivers of your love the vow is that sure, let me is my iii’s meet, is unchangeable rings of life and death Qie rich!
The day of the joy always lets a person extremely unforgettable, the loss that coming up today, but the deep feeling always can be exchanged for a full tears of profound wang. Even if cannot go back to the past, also want to leave a magic memories. Can at least suite in the dead of night alone, former miss miss love, and that FengHuaJueDai you.
Next year, the moon, the Chinese, even if he is not XiaXianYue, but lover’s heart, you also want to get him back. Magpie, fly off to hate, star love become slow, willing to wait for love, even if is selfless black and blue, even out of his wits and also to love again speaking clearly out a!!!!!
Close your eyes, delusions fly to the clouds away. The eyes open, and afraid to face a person’s helpless. Wandering in a bullfight, interlaced star between day and night to track, it is your fate. Maybe you fate, sleep is also waiting for heart man kiss you to wake up…



Are becoming more and more care about you, actually I don’t want to, for fear of being hurt. The total on and off before can’t let go of the heart of the haze dispersed, not, not also miss the past, but cannot subsidise. Scars Heart sometimes be very painful, heart seems to be tweaked became a rope, the feeling of all the internal organs were also twist to together.

I admit that a start I don’t care if you, tell you everything is just to let you know who I am, maybe those who is in your heart, shading the. Don’t believe love don’t believe sweet-talking I ever since you are engaged to marry with I have already started to believe that we will live a good life, believed that he would be a good love you, love you only. But I’m not sure whether you think so…

Engagement before you ask my elder sister of half kidding you enough standard do her boyfriend, I pretended that I don’t care, but I put the words in the in the mind, always can’t forget. Before you married see written before diary I don’t have any feeling, in addition to a little sad, because you never for I wrote a diary. After the marriage to see you and other people chat history heart really hurts very ache, painful to I can’t stand. Then know your QQ passwords, I really collapse, I don’t know whether you still in miss her, I once doubt themselves married the wrong, I feel began a wrong marriage… I regret to see your chat logs, I regret know your QQ passwords, I even begin to regret married to you…

And so, whenever I think of these, the heart beginning point of broken off, I don’t know what you repeatedly assured me that no longer use that a few QQ number, but why is not willing to change the password…

If one day you fall in love with the other people, tell me, I won’t cry, just don’t want to be as a fool, I will restore you happiness, but no matter how you end don’t get back to me, because I can’t afford to humble love…

I have been told you and be strong, no matter what things need to be with a smile, but it in front of you before I started in marriage become fragile, I began to want to let I rely on the shoulder, and I began to want you to hold up for me one day…


Let go to love

Let go to love
You found? The feeling of love is always in the first place, always feel sweet many a person to accompany, many a person to help you share, you finally not lonely, because at least one person thinking you love you no matter what things as long as can together is good.
But slowly with the deepening of know you always found each other’s faults, the one by a appear, you begin to bother tired even want to escape.
It is said that love is like pick up stones always want to pick up suitable, but how do you know when to pick up! She fits you that you fit him?
Actually love should be like millstone penny, maybe just pick up when you are not so satisfied. But please remember that man is a flexible many things can be changed as long as you have heart have the courage to pick up everywhere, and the stones of the unknown as you have tumbled stones will be polished, you began to grind?
Many people think that because feelings light will become lazy people, it is actually is first by inertia feelings to conquer slowly light. In a dinner party occasion it was proposed that eat shrimp on the body good, this time there is a middle-aged man said ten years ago when my wife or girlfriend, I said to eat only ten shrimp I gave her twenty. Now if only off to help her peel the shrimp is just joking. I help her clip vegetables are not interested still peel the shrimp!
It is no wonder that more and more DuoRen wants to talk about a lifetime love actually slowly refused to walk into marriage because marriage is easy to be lazy. If everyone too lazy to talk, don’t listen to don’t surprise too lazy to tender and thoughtful manufacturing. So husband and wife or lovers and how not gradually the line be gradually silent!
So please remember that has the vigor of love is need to moderate of attentive to irrigation, a pair of lovers meet after work to dinner shopping, but as the girl the company meeting delay, when she was in the rain have more than 30 minutes late, her boyfriend is very not happy that you every time such now I what mood all have no I will not wait for you. Suddenly the girl’s heart burst, she thought maybe they collapse in also have no future, just as in the same place another pair of lovers is facing the same situation to also be late half girl clock. Her boyfriend says I think you must have busy bad! Then he for girl wipe the face of the rain, and take off in a coat girl body. At this moment the girl shed tears but through her cheek is warm happy, you understand that? Actually love hate often just in our whim to understanding love not only more in time, many things may only be the change of mood is that you only.
If there are people in love with you you also feel she is good, it doesn’t mean you will choose her. We always said to find a love is love, love is the talent talks when you’re asked how loud is very love very love you but not answer him, for sad myself. We always think we will find a very love is love but later, when we suddenly look back it was discovered that he was innocent. How If never began to how do you know you will love the people! Actually very love is the feeling of love is together through a lot of things after the discovery, everyone hopes to find your mind partner, but have you thought of in your side to you early someone paid a silent for a long time, but you didn’t find it. So still careful see people around him! He might have been waiting for you for a long time.
When you love a person love to eight just good all looking forward to absolute and hope are only seven points, two or three points left to love yourself. If you still continue to love more may be caused to the other party very heavy pressure, let each other of breath completely lost the pleasure of love. So please remember to drink no more than six points to eat no more than seven points drunk enough love a person not more than eight love a person to also want to say thank you to admit to apologize to correct the mistakes are sensitive to also want to understanding is to accept not tolerance is tolerance and not indulge is support, not dominate is sympathy and not questioned the talking and not accused is unforgettable and is not forgotten to each other and not all is account for each other is silent prayer and not many requirement can be romantic but don’t waste don’t literally hand in hand with the more don’t literally to let go.

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Who owes happiness

Who owes happiness
Zhang mowgli gave up the river’s lake and jiangshan, who owes his happiness to the happiness of the zhao, but about to the small zhao, the drift to the tarantula son, the power to zhi if hate…

Yang guo and xiao longnv finally made the fairy raised as soon as possible, perhaps he knows, perhaps he don’t know, maybe he pretended to be don’t know, process and land for him for youth as unique as GuoXiang may cast for him, the king not forget for a moment, maybe he thought, maybe he didn’t remember remember, there was a call LuE sun girls have to stop his life in the eyes of the moment, and he can give, also only can be a QuQingXiao, three were assembled a moment or the care of this world, just, too little, too much of the same river in my mind… And we have loved some people, love when, as everlasting, to exist as a romantic love, so I was the commitment, so expect taking your hand, happiness, and his death, and then all disappear, then we finally understand, everlasting is a how elusive thing, happiness is a kind of how fragile the mystery of how the thing, may love and happiness has nothing to do, maybe this life the ultimate happiness and inmost innermost that person has nothing to do, maybe one day in the future, we will hold the hand of life who, through the scenery water out. , actually commitment is not what, gone also doesn’t consider as what, all that has its home
And we learn to see light, learn to try not to demand, and learn to deep, deep into you, hide to years of smoke and dust reached the place out of… Just, just why in a rainy evening, in a big star night you or indistinct in my heart fade in, fade out, fade out, fade in, take, cannot erase. AZhu, such as flower of smile is the bridge at small bluestone edge gradually wither, how I want to and you have a deep embrace after, turned and walked away.
Love is not changed but cold alliance, ultimately sent a little, happiness went by quickly, from now on one day after day, his close the door, a man turn out the lights, in fact also nothing important is bad, just a cold night less a person’s warm.
But happiness is no longer complete… Week zhi if in the end of the YiTian, did asked zhang mowgli, in small zhao, spider son, zhao and her four people, he really love is which. Zhang mowgli at that time of feeling 10000 also had to ask ourselves, then only feel that, if can and four girl together forever, will not free and unfettered happy? However the world changes, small zhao far go to the Persian master, cousin tarantula son died, zhi if astray, only zhao girl always accompany in your side. Although have produced during misunderstood, he is to zhao and love and hate, but the heart has never put down to her QianNian. However, zhi if intervention always let his heart, always can’t face up to swing your own feelings. Until this moment, in the face of zhao leave without say goodbye, he finally found that his evil to the strange siren female have so hard to give, if this life, her goodbye and can’t live up her mind. He finally found the bottom of my heart, that answer to zhi, he is always if respect to tarantula son, he, is thankful for small zhao, he is with pity, but for meaning, is deep and eternal zhao to love one another.
People sometimes, the total in a losing only know after all, some people, after some things, thought was a life with this floating clouds and thought in my mind in the river’s lake, but in the separation, found that those past already rooted in the bottom of my heart, that take off, wipe not to go.
Yang guo and xiao longnv valentine, free and unfettered in river’s lake, in addition, he can remember, there’s a fond of the woman he think king not forget for a moment, all waiting for life, may throw. Whether he will remind of, DuoNian before that zhang innocent countenance, whether can remind of, when she first met GuanErYiXiao, way, my name is guo, first names a including word.
The love, to you, so you finally understand commitment, happiness is a how elusive thing. But why should still on fire, persistent moths whole life? Maybe as li mo sorrow often low moans that came out: between what you love, and life and death mutually. This is in the world the most complicated of east west, a person and how to think the transparency?
There is a person, to teach you how to love, but, but he did not love you
There is a person, you have been waiting for him, but he forget you.
There is a person, he wanted to leave, but you didn’t keep, because you come to know, maintain is useless, can you give, only free.
You think that as long as the walk was natural and unrestrained, won’t have too much pain, there would be no regret, but, why in a noisy crowd will suddenly heavy burden down, why to listen to music heard half will suddenly SOB not only. You don’t know what to expect, don’t know to what, in the mind of the lingering, is the reflection of the past.
Love you, for your requirement of very few, can be in very think of you see you, can be in lonely and you say words, this is what she some happiness.
If party a hasty because read the decision, can leave, but please don’t go far, don’t hurry for each other, don’t rush to distinguish qualitative boundaries, look at, if she is still in.
Good to love you the person, that don’t want you to worry, so passes.but, cheat you said the knowledge, the silent concern you, never leave, if you have doubts, if you also repress the thinking about her, if you still care about her a Pin a cluster, might as well give her a possible, and to give yourself a possible.
In love, if two people are very passive, a good marriage not in time by the next up, and not kill two people don’t fit, but both sides are used to wait, wait for the other party first initiative, no patience and choose to leave, the last ACTS leave regret.
So, love is a life after death, like not out of the fire, just add some sticks, and it still can send a brilliant light.

A few meters said:
When you like me, I don’t like you, when you fall in love with me, I like you, when you left, I was in love with you, is you go too fast, or I can’t keep up with your steps?
We missed the Noah’s ark, missed the Titanic, missed all the breathtaking and not the action, we will continue to miss, but, please allow me to say so selfish words.

DuoNian, if you have not married, if I was not married, that we can not be together?
Remember that you owe me happiness!!!!!

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Time to take don’t walk spring

Time to take don’t walk spring
Someone says time is life the best solution, the passage of time dilute the life of confusion and frustration. But when the spring breeze again through the middle-aged man quietly hair tip, the past and the scenes in mind screened. No sadness, no exciting, even if some things are so deep and eternal, in this is sending out the hope that taste of spring afternoon, also to the quiet.
Come back from school, go to the factory gate, do not know from which out of nowhere a big black dog. I fear is the instinct because trot faster, it doesn’t matter, the dog ran with rapturous mouth with a sobbing terrorist voice came at me. See will jump on me, I’d just standing still, to endure that once. When the man appeared, he waved a stick out from the factory, the mouth is called the blare babble, the dog didn’t seen this appearance and ran, I also saved. Also is then, I know that we lived in a mute. I came home with mom, mom said it also is not quite know the person, just see this every day meter of eight more big after work in theater always doing things, is a hard-working people of that.
But in the children’s eyes, in mute is a living man, a knot in one’s heart of willow in his hand cut become two head of ? “, “pointed sticks to teach us short waved child” dozen ? “rules of the game, if having a kid to happen to play a good” ? “, the dumb glad to hand the pen-hold grip. The dumb will also make a kite, those abandoned cloth yarn and plastic in the hands of the dumb and article of fresh flew to the blue sky, the dumb in the front pulling a line run, kids chasing him, smiling jump ran out of courtyard……
My third day that year, is probably in the 1985 years in winter, I covered with snow back to the two huts, see the eaves of the stack of split good wood, thought mother do got so many jobs, ask mother, is the dumb split. Then 15 years old I was so sensitive, I also heard about the mother and the people in the goodwill of the dumb rumour, but then I but don’t know why can’t accept it. The puzzling blunt mother angry, and called her name “li fen”, and then ran out of the yard push wood scattered in the courtyard, roar loud NianLia said we don’t need anyone blind, my dad will come back to care about. Although I know that my father is won’t come back, but that day or shouted out. I heard the cry of the mother in the house, heart a painful and ran into the snow. From now on I and the dumb seems to become an enemy, exactly I regard him as the enemy.
The water in the water are always full of winter, there’s always someone chopped wood, summer my house on the roof hanging up a ceiling fans. Who know the dumb to our NianLia good, but I was an unappreciative. Despite this, the bright red XiZi, or with the window. Wedding night, I fell and light all the plates, mother sat on the bed silent tears. Now think at that time I do this and no clear reasons, seems to be a kind of anger, seems to be the father of resentment. Can this mother is not fair, to dumb too. So dumb in his just glad to move out of the dormitory spent their wedding night. The later days, I still call mother’s name, to say to the marriage still don’t support. Water can be a day or full, mother also show the stranger smile. The day the bland across, I also in a little bit of growth, my heart in fact have long accepted the father, but due to the face, still young pretend not effusive.
But should go or will be left, the spring of that year’s late spring breeze, suffused with the hope of flavor, blooms, who also less than separation material.
That a fire flames the textile mill night sky, cotton cloth, the howl of burning beams as I was away, wake up with a start, at a loss. I heard a man shout “go”, then those hands desperate from the window I push out. Glass shattering, the cries of the people, that man’s angry. I also don’t know is how dumb rescued after mother again to return to save me, I only see with white cloth on the cover of a dumb, early recognition and I was always too late shout a voice he father.
The dumb really is not dumb, he finally of that “go” reverberate in my ear side forever. About what’s his name, and where have done something, these also I’m afraid there is only the mother know. But all this has not important, the important thing is, he is my father, for we gave everything.
That year mother forty-one years old, then mother also very little about the day of the textile mill in, until his death, mother also refused to search for a partner again. I also have been cried out, mother’s name “li fen”, it is in order to perpetuate the memory of LiuLiWu, the silent give us heavy true love of man.
When the spring breeze blows and a wilderness, when the air was filled with warm and vibrant taste, in this eternal spring, constant and love of memory.

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There is no hand love

There is no hand love
When young, QingShan is thin

That year they high school, boy named zhe, girl called green. Study good girl, boy is, so they spent two years in light of the high school life. In that year, also is in three National Day that day, green hair, leaving the long bang, just came into the classroom, zhe silly was stunned.
In a monthly examination, after they became the sit at the same table, this is the boy felt most joyful matter. After that they approached the relationship, they become the study on the good partner, remember words together, do together with papers, composition writing. The month passed quickly, we headed into the exam. A month’s efforts were not in vain, zhe and green, managed the second and seventh place grades. Zhe thought youth and he once again sit sit at the same table. The result is not he want it, so no zhe with her again sit sit at the same table.
Before you know it, is already 2010 in May, the university entrance exam is near to come, and they are busy in the study, but zhe or meeting often of the eyes to green serious face. Because every morning to the green will take a cake and a eggs for breakfast, zhe feel he has a green to dim feelings in. So, the faint feelings continued until June 2, zhe give her this month’s breakfast money, green refused to accept, zhe gave a message book. Green Later, they hurried home to the university entrance exam, before they have been encourage each other, every night, the university entrance exam dao an well enough, looking forward to the university entrance exam finally came to an end, every day they will contact text messages. But still no lead changed hands.
Feeling not leave, love not go far
Results were published, zhe play very well, got a second this school, green failing the test his ideal university, in his Alma mater, June 30. The tutorial, zhe said: I love you, be my girl friend. So they finally started dating, but not the lead changed hands.
Zhe go abroad to go to school, green all the way from the message: the peace. So two people who love each other temporary separate, zhe with a thick love walked away, green also settled down to start the new study.
In the field of study day, zhe had not forgotten green, always always missed, zhe phone has his green to a photo of photos, he will this photo set to mobile phone screen because he wanted on the day after the first to see the one you love.
Zhe counting the green day when the holiday, every month zhe will call on time: want to listen to the voice of the green, want to know her?
Time passes quickly. It is a term has in the past, zhe can’t wait to get back to the house, the second day go to the school, he wants to give green a surprise: a of the light snow night, zhe will stay at the school gate, with green gift to see the moment, green boy has too much wants to say, but how also said not to come out, so silently each other, zhe want to hold the hand of the green, but eventually could not, for he was afraid to bring green too much pressure, in the snow to walk for an hour, and then sent back to the green green zhe place, finally slowly to leave. Perhaps for them, this walking in the snow had enough. In the heart of happiness thick.
If you well, is sunny
The green study more and more nervous, zhe afraid bother her, never to call, he can do is pray silently, hope to the heart, happy green peace of. Every time the text messaging over, he will be pleased for several days, he know, green heart there is him.
Gradually, zhe had a habit, every day to green space message, night will put that picture set to mobile phone screen, he hopes to see every day at the first sight of the beloved girl. When acacia difficult for, he will say to yourself: if she is ok, I is sunny.
Now green is the university entrance exam, I hope can realize that beautiful green of the university dream, come on, blue, and I love the people!
This love, although not in hand, but are still in their heart with each other illustrious little drops of the past…

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No longer believe love

No longer believe love
Once, for a love even pay all I am willing;

Once, will in order to be able to obtain happiness I’ve been holding on;

Once, will in order not to let her beloved she was jealous unhappy and alienated all heterosexual friends;

Once, will in order to beloved she just said to me sentence I miss you and touched tears;

But, don’t know when to begin, I with his own heart; frozen And don’t know when I started, I no longer believe in love.

Slowly, I started the habit alone, begin to get used to stay in his own world, for one, two, three…

I thought, I can so had been down…

But, suddenly why I was so eager to get belongs to my share of the happiness?

Hence, I buried in the past, again to search for and waiting, heart finally one day, I was naive to think that I find to my happiness, but why haven’t even careful to experience, to feel, but already vanished without shadow without end?

Is my fault? I don’t understand! I just want to make to cherish my all, why actually even let me to cherish opportunity didn’t leave a bit to me?

I can blame anyone? I who are not strange, have only themselves to blame too naive, very simple!

Ha ha, I still think that as long as I have love in your heart, I can certainly get happy, how funny to me.

Now, I dared not to think too much, I also do not importune what, I only keeping such a little hope, in the future, there is one person, can let me said to her: I don’t believe in love, but I believe you!

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Lover’s sad

Lover’s sad
Suddenly very want to write something, to the lover, also for myself.

An accidental opportunity had reviewed your SMS text messages are mostly your lover to you, but my heart still can’t help, feel oneself is a qualm as redundant. At this moment, I was thinking about those into the lover’s women, also deeply realized their helpless. Ha ha, although I’m not lover, but now I’m really sympathize with them, and there they suffered emotional sympathy to the left.

In such a position, also may be really helpless! Love and moral, reality and fantasy, perceptual women eventually lost to the feelings, boldly in a vortex of love, just as desperate, even the inferno, also no regrets. Because their heart was enough to make them happy factors. They just want to actually quietly guardian love, don’t want to be the world more don’t want to hurt to scare, who, or destroy the family who, their purpose is not damaged. But secular or cannot accommodate them, privacy was relentless reveal, the world detested the sarcasm eye, apathy. Everyone is avoided, in the face of these they can still whatever disregard, because they have love in your heart, heart to have him. But that he, can give you what? Maybe but see, and touched the unreal!

Love cannot be sharing, the love is selfish because, for love of greed, because affectionate, also then produced no man is ashamed of character – valentine.

However the lover’s helpless, who can understand? Who can stand in their point of view, to empathy? Their inner suffering the pain, they neglected to tell who look for it? Even the yudu cannot honorably show to the world’s happiness. They have is silent. Happiness or misery or since could be hiding in the depths of their heart, to in the stillness of night, their appreciates alone.

I’m not lover, but I have a similar feelings, and valentine’s struggles on the edge of the love and love. Others sneer at or taunt finally, I want to stand in their position to the world get a fair, but I also want to the world of men with a small three said: since love, love her, in this world but you, her nothing.

Of course the above comments is my opinion, perhaps the transgressions of one-sided text can also cause some justice and let the indignation. Anyway, please the world believe: love is innocent! Mo to impose it unbearable words in order to profane it sacred!

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Meet in that summer

Meet in that summer
Another PiaoYu summer night, watching this window under the macs in the rain, do the han fei window again returned to the thoughts that summer.

That summer sky is often waving drizzle, han fei as usual habitual opened the computer, he is only recently learned to Internet, actually network for modern 80.90 said afterward is not what strange things, but han fei but show a bit outdated, clumsy typing speed let yourself feel funny, the network’s coverage of the is too wide, everything, it makes han fei abnormal excited, from military to literature, music to films, from it is a treasure, this let used to be engaged in this single work of a broader han fei horizons.

Han fei QQ is a friend to, because the Internet is still won’t use, he clumsy login, some open space, see buddy list only yourself and give Q, but luckily the friends, friends told him how to add buddy, actually started purpose very specific stealing food, recently met a friend about most often is my food was who stole, first heard food was stolen implied when han fei Ming wonderful thought really who could get to a steal anything, afterwards just know originally said on the network is incredibly stealing food, a little curious how much unrealisticallying compare, let han fei began a good friend, all add up, and whether male or female, but he added the all add and not all the best, a request, short added by each other’s joy is often a refused to add and make a horrible, but luckily his pay or rewarding at least not all person refused. So, in addition to steal food, in open space he also see friends mood log, sometimes comment back in twos, sometimes the space around and see friends what others have written, or who CaiCai space, so at a chance when, also don’t remember exactly is in the space with friends who, so ChengXiaoYu han fei and met.

Han fei and xiao yu just beginning to recognize when also and the other person as just chat some simple life, but han fei feeling and xiao yu chat can always bring happiness, feel light rain like a happy little princess. This let han fei in every surf the net are going to pay attention to whether online, rain

The initiative to and xiao yu chat, after some days of chat, han fei knew something about rain, rain is some of the car in a sale of the company do clerical, work is relaxed, every day just sit by the computer sales reports or ChuZhang, xiao yu and han fei tally in the same province, but not in the same city, han fei asked xiaoyu a problem, han fei asked xiaoyu you would have to give up now have all love? Answer is not the rain, it’s also, han fei know don’t rain, rain side says she likes that song was have wounded heart can also love who, listen to this song han fei some understand why won’t rain, said don’t know what the reason is at the moment of han fei has a impulsive, want light rain tightly embrace arms ideas. Han fei is always believe will have that share life and death, then the love to the attention of rain, han fei from already long designedly, he would become a habit of early everyday get a light open computers online, sometimes the write back to early mail sends xiaoyu’s mailbox, sometimes to xiao yu boards leave some mood, suddenly xiaoyu had become han fei a part of life, han fei knew he fell in love with the pure beautiful and kind of girl. Speak of the love han fei ago experienced, but maybe it really is not understand love or don’t understand treasuring it, missed some beautiful moments. Han fei was once a comparative and secretive doesn’t like it express their feelings, sometimes by a person thinks oneself not to say, who will know, maybe in society, slowly mingling of it he started to change yourself, always active it own want to send said out, this time is not exceptional also, to xiao yu spoke, han fei that three words’ I love you ‘, because that is the han fei inner feeling, yes he does love for light rain, rain would take han fei and no real grasp, but he still say that come out, because he’s afraid miss it because he has missed too much, he didn’t want to miss this his love in the girl.

His vindicate got response, yes, xiao yu accepted, xiao yu accept let han fei feel that moment oneself is the happiest person in the world, xiao yu said she like snow, like the snowing sky, so they are waiting for this winter arrival, han fei and xiao yu agreed to in the first snow? Years nestled in the days around each other? See together before the first snow, han fei didn’t think much of snow, can ever since that time know attention after rain like snow, unknowingly about snow began to pay attention to some of the early, expect this story of snow. Time flies, had gone to the autumn, xiao yu and han fei still in sweet love expectation that the happiness in snow, that is not only a snow because snow falls beloved person is really close in their side.

Love a person always selfish always think this let her become his only, always want to love the people by his idea to do, I think you when you must also think I, han fei belongs to that kind of love is love the people don’t call direct, don’t like to hide his feelings, rain in text messages to han fei will say, I love you, han fei but want to hear xiao yu on the phone to his mouth, said really have more courage can let han fei more love light rain, rain is to can be? Feelings introverted person always reluctant to say that we know each other just, why must speak out, this allows han fei’s disappointed, sometimes feel quite understand rain, sometimes but guessing xiaoyu’s idea, han fei said let xiao yu to rain now his city, xiao yu said only that busy now, etc have time to go. Han fei heart knows that all is elaborate, two men slowly had estrangement, this is mostly lovers happens, han fei and xiao yu is not exceptional also, a bit earn noisy, a little cranky, for a moment, while who ignore who have good tethered to the piece. But that sentence out rain did not say I love you have become han fei heart, he countless times ask yourself what is really love me? Rain, why, why, why would say to me that three words, more think more chaos in han fei, began to suspect that the two personal feelings exactly have much deep, so han fei not active contact xiao yu, not like a telephone call is? Samples before, not a few minutes at night send messages, is not in the Internet, like everything disappears, one day… After a whole seven days, no active contact xiao yu, han fei rain no contact and even a message that han fei not. Han fei watched xiaoyu’s photographs, looking at once chat logs, tears imperceptible flow has been down.

Han fei sent to the rain finally an email, described his own mood, his blessing light rain later can find a reason said love. Send mail that moment, han fei heart in pain, he knows how much he loved xiaoyu, but he loved much hope can pour response, E-mail, he put out the light rain QQ pull the blacklist, a person gawk at a computer screen in a daze, this is a dream? But why so clear, eyes suddenly fuzzy, was tears slipped again. Han fei thought if xiao yu really love him would have no point, even that means that any response call to lambaste him a lesson he is happy that at least know she’s care, the han fei are desperate to xiao yu side. So the news of a light such as han fei, xiao yu in also had no response. No light rain QQ in also don’t know to xiao yu was doing, but today online? Go to this step han fei and how to love, it is two personal thing, be a man carries two personal love too tired too tired, can want to han fei really right xiaoyu forget, was impossible is because it’s his favorite, then han fei have opened a QQ number had one other net, add light rain, making a request that he is afraid of fear, he does not add rain doesn’t really light rain news, fortunately xiao yu added buddy, can never dared to find rain but han fei speak, just silently to space: look at that her mood log, see her message, sometimes in the familiar space is so for several hours, although sometimes what also have no update be willing to stay in that quiet, there are too many? What belongs to his .

Snow, and finally snow, watching the snow all over the sky, han fei looked up at the sky, looking at? How many times overlooking a don’t know about the city, at the direction of the light rain doing, is also will because the snow suddenly think of him.

Three months later, the day the sky was still drizzle hazy, han fei still habitually use another number, in the space, looking at rain rain movement, yes, he has been xiaoyu side, never left, how many times to talk with rain, telling her that he wanted to her, still can be silent, he didn’t know whether the rain in think this he still also. But miss is always so terrible, terrible let people lose yourself.

Finally, the number with han fei before rain in a to send add buddy request…

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